Swedish Kitties 2020

Some people call her a space cowboy…

It took a LOOOOONG time to find kitties in Stockholm. It kept seeming like we should be seeing some, and we were in places that seemed cat-friendly, but no dice. Graham saw a few skittish ones since his runs take him a little farther afield than mine. And then, last week made up for it! I had a research meeting in Gävle and while there picked up some things from former colleague Jennie’s house… and while chatting in the driveway this fluffy black kitty came along! Her name is Maurice and she splits her time between 3-4 houses in the neighborhood. She is very friendly and not all that big under all the fluff. Win!

Deeper into the Norra Djurgards park there is a 4-H farm which runs educational programs for schoolkids and after-school farm projects. It is really nicely set up with a little bit of everything so city kids can get a taste of farm life (or at least a sniff). Straw and feed mean mice, so I figured there must be cats as advertised, and this past week we finally saw some! They were friendly, but also busy with their farm chores so after a few short pets they ran off.

Hopefully this is not the last of the 2020 kitties!