Welcoming Committee

We are moving! In January we will move out of central Stockholm and south to Tullinge. Tullinge is MUCH closer to my office in Flemingsberg, and will cut down my commute form 50min transit to 15min bike. Although we won’t have the same range of shops as we do now, our forest and nature access will get even better! Tullinge is home to Lida park, accessible by trail right next to our new place. The train station is a 10min walk from our door and is the nucleus of a small cluster of shops, including and award-winning bakery-cafe called Tegnérs Bageri.

The green arrow is work, the pink arrow our new home – maybe 4km apart

The weather is slightly different outside of the Urban heat zone; the summers are a little hotter and the winters a little colder, meaning that any snowfall is likely to stay awhile… and the park has lit ski trails! We’ll need to pick up some skis and cross our fingers for snow.

The house and yard itself will need to be another post, but rest assured there is lots of space for visitors once travel becomes a thing again. BUT! The best part is that when we went to look at the house and take a walk through the neighbourhood, we met a very friendly cat named scrappy (due to his notched-up ears). We look forward to meeting all the neighbors (cats and people).