Cinnamon Bun Day!

It may be Pumpkin Spice Latte time where you are, but it is cinnamon bun season in Sweden, culminating in Cinnamon Bun Day (and annual event!) on October 4. Along with the similar (and in my opinion, superior) cardamom buns, cinnamon buns are a real part of Swedish culture… enough that there is marketing all over encouraging observance through 2-for-1 sales. Cinnamon bun day has its own website, and is clearly an extension of Swedish Fika culture, which has been written about and marveled at before.

Having the best cinnamon buns is a big deal, and there are serious critique going into picking the very best in 2019 and this year as well. These are the top five bakeries this year, in case you want to plan future visits:
Brunkebergs bageri
Skeppsbro bageri

Fabrique (‘the stone oven bakery’) is in our Stockholm KTH campus neighborhood and I like it enough that I haven’t needed to try many others. The bread and aesthetic reminds me a little of the Night Oven in Saskatoon. All this pastry would be well-accompanied by a Township Coffee, but I guess we’ll have to wait out Corona for that.


  1. Now that the kids’ palettes have moved beyond ice cream and brownies, we can’t wait to visit you and try ALL the cinnamon buns!

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