Back on the water

Stockholm, where you an paddle by palaces…

One of the earliest ‘official’ things we could do, even before geting our peronnummers activated or a bank account, was to join the local kayak club. BKK, Brusviken Kayak Klubben, is located on Brunsviken lake in the northern part of Stockholm. August and September have lots of great paddling daylight/weather, and it has been a great way to see the city in a different way. We’ve also met some new people, which is nice.

The club boats are not super fast racing machines, but there is a nice range of touring boats, surf skis, and some trainer K-1s. Given that the wind and motorboats on the lake, a more stable K-1 has been just fine with me to get back into a kayak after years in flat-bottom canoes. The days are getting shorter now and the water is much colder than when we arrived, so we may not have loads of 2020 paddling left… so we are going while the getting’s good.

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  1. Not quite RCKC clubhouse.. much cleaner and very “ship shape.” And views around the lake a change from lily pads and weeds. Good for you getting back in sooo tippy kayaks, although your balance has always been superb. Enjoy !!

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