Dec 19: Snowflakes

Part of the 2020 good-times advent calendar! If you have ideas, and/or would like to see something fun drawn into the advent calendar, please let me know. Comment below or email/WhatsApp me and let’s have fun this next few weeks.

Elizabeth suggested this one as a nice seasonal activity and I’m glad she did, since I would not have thought of it on my own.

Paper snowflakes at Township Coffee in Victoria in 2019. I think there was a staff snowflake making party for these.

Paper snowflakes are dead easy, and always turn out symmetrical and nice. They are pretty classy as Christmas decorations go, and also make for quite easy clean-up once your holiday celebrations are over. They can be a really sustainable option if you rescue/reuse paper: scrap print outs, patterned wrapping paper, delicate tissue paper all make good snowflakes. They look nice on a table, hanging on a tree, in a window, on a gift, etc.

The internet has a million snowflake maps like this, but feel free to freehand it.

Other fun things: yesterday I had a video conference ‘cooking together’ session with my work buddies in lieu of a year-end holiday party. I updated the post with a photo!

Not a snowflake, but a paper craft I did last winter: This is a genderbread person, a teaching tool designed to break down big concepts into bite-sized, digestible pieces.