Dec 24: Gay Apparel

Part of the 2020 good-times advent calendar! If you have ideas, and/or would like to see something fun drawn into the advent calendar, please let me know. Comment below or email/WhatsApp me and let’s have fun this next few weeks.

This has really been a year for cozy clothes. Working at home, not seeing many people, not shopping for new things… I won’t bother linking to them, but there are several articles reporting that while most retail is down, sweatpants and yoga pants have sold more than usual. Which is fine. I a big advocate for being comfort, and I find strict dress codes a bit confining. At one point, one of my ‘career goals’ was to have a job where I could wear stretchy tights without it being weird.

But there can be too much of a comfy thing, and sometimes it is nice to dress up a little bit. Part of making the holidays feel special and distinguishing them from other days is doing things that are different and special, including what you wear. Maybe it would be nice to wear your ‘going out’ shoes indoors, or your dangly earrings, or a nice dress. You can dance around your living room, or have a video-conference fashion show, or just bring distributed dinner up a notch.

You don’t have to wear black-tie formal. It would be pretty fun to join a video call with a reindeer-antlers headband, or elf ears, or (especially if skyping with kids) a Santa costume. Have fun with it!