Dec 25: Christmas 2020

Smiths’ front yard on a snowy Christmas a few years ago

We made it! Christmas will be whatever it is this year, but for my part, I hope it is healthy, peaceful, restful and safe for your and yours.

It took me a little while to think about what Christmas day itself should be. I have here a Christmas cracker, since Christmas day dinner is when that happens, and also herb and spinach strata, which is the rad breakfast that Mum makes on Christmas morning. It is a make-ahead casserole that sits in the fridge overnight and then pops in the oven in the morning, resulting in an easy hot breakfast that doesn’t require anyone to step away from Christmas tree action. Here are some photos from Mum’s archives.

The full advent calendar. I’ll see if I an inspired to do some additions for the days between Christmas and New Year.