Holiday Report

Bird’s eye view of gluten-free, dairy-free boxing day brunch. We also had sweet potato soup and warm coconut rice pudding with mango ginger puree

We feel pretty lucky to have been able to move into our new place before the holidays (more updates on the new place soon). It gave us some time to settle in and explore and also to refill the pantry and make a bunch of yummy seasonal treats. It was great that we got to do lots of the advent calendar activities in our new neigbourhood: making treats, delivering treats (and our new neighbours gave us some!), forest walks, distributed dinner, outdoor visits, glögg, and the quiet reflection of unpacking and putting things away. The new kitchen is fantastic, with lots of space for two of us to cook together, and we made lots of things to eat over the holidays.

We did not anticipate we’d have the chance to do any entertaining for some time, but we ended up having two visitors on Boxing day to make use of the available daylight hours and the new snowfall to have a very seasonal outdoor brunch. This was super fun to plan and in practice; as advised, the keys to enjoying this are many layers, warm food and hot drinks. We also had sheepskin and wool blankets and lots of candles and a hot water bottle wrapped up in a blanket for handwarming. This reminded me why we don’t bring metal cutlery camping.

We look forward to settling into our new place and welcoming lots more visitors in 2021!