Dec 3: Glögg

Part of the 2020 good-times advent calendar!

Glögg is the sweet Swedish version of mulled wine or German gluvin, usually enriched with some hard liquor and served hot. Classically served with ginger thins and some raisins and almonds in a small cup (slightly bigger than espresso cup), and when you are done with the drink you fish out the boozy fruit and nuts. There are non-alcoholic versions, and think the spicy glögg feeling could be replicated with spicy hot apple cider, or a nice cup of chai. Extra points for drinking it outdoors (toque and puffy coat) touring your garden, or looking at the neighbours’ lights.

Graham picked out this organic cherry glögg

Pro tip! If you are heating up a bottle of glögg, warm it gently in the bottle in a pot of hot water to avoid evaporation. Don’t boil it (the water or the bottle contents), but you can crack the lid a bit if you are worried about expansion.