Dec 4: Decorate your place

Part of the 2020 good-times advent calendar!

What, you don’t have a hanging star branch at your house?

We are getting ready to move in the last weeks of December, so there is not too much decorating happening at our place. However, I have been bringing in small branches and seeds pods to put in a tiny vase on our windowsill. These days it’s rosehips, soapberries, ferns, and little pine branches which gives a seasonal look and smell from the pine. We have also adopted the ‘Swedish coziness’ custom of lighting candles while it is dark out.

Adventsljusstake in the window

In Sweden almost every window has hanging star lamps or electric ‘advent candles’. Were it safe to go shopping, I’d likely be hitting up the thrift stores for some vintage options (I’ve seen old-school folded birch bark star lamps and I’d love one!)

Hanging stars, lit from within by a tiny bulb. This kind you can see from outside the house

Bernie told me that on December 1st she and Tom hung up a felt advent calendar that I had made for them a long time ago. I was pretty delighted to hear it, showing that even vicarious second-hand decorations are effective!