February Report

The last weeks have been busy work-wise, and with both Graham and I doing lots of homework for Swedish class. We’ve had snowy weather and with lots of -10 days colder than typical for here. (After living in Saskatoon it is adorable to see folks complain of the cold). Snow is very scenic here, as it is humid enough to stick to trees and not often windy enough to blow it off (contrast with Canadian prairie).

Around home, we’ve spent some dark evenings cooking and dark mornings spinning on the mag trainer Graham got for his new bike.

More snow means there was finally enough to test our new skis! The trails are classic but mostly double tracked, which means it is possible to pass people. I’ve been going in the morning when it is really quiet, but Graham does long skis on the weekends and apparently it has been packed.

Glad alla hjärtansdag (happy valentine’s day) and happy family day!