Winter vistas

The view of Tulinge sjön from Tullingberget

Snow started here on Christmas day, and then over several snowfalls piled up to rather a lot. Since the air is fairly damp it stuck to the trees and roofs and stones and made for really scenic walks. Neither Graham nor I deemed it quite thick enough through the forest to test out our new skis, but we are hopeful more will come.

Last weekend we walked through the forest over to Lida park and saw/felt the affection that Swedes have for the outdoors and snow in particular. This is not a big town, but folks clearly came from all over to do sledding, build snow sculptures, ski (over pinecones on their old pair of skis), and roast some hot dogs.

Lida park is the place to be on a snowy weekend. Bring the whole family, dogs included! This shows only one half of the slope, the ‘big hill’ had even more people and older sliders.

Walking outdoors calls for some serious fika on return home, and we’ve spent some time cooking and baking indoors as well.

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  1. Wow. This is my first visit since you lived in Sweden last time. Wonderful pictures. The snow slope was electric with fun. So many families. That is a small set of skis!
    The food looks so yummy and inviting especially with all the pictures of snow blanketing nature.

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