Lida parken

Chill bunny going about her business

We knew that Lida park would be a great bonus of our new neighbourhood, and our first visits confirmed that! It is less than 10km hike through forest trails to get from our house to the main Lida park. There are more than 35km of trails, with lots lit up at night. There is a beach and a lovely confrence centre with a restaurant, once pandemic restrictions are over it will be nice to go and have a fika or soup there looking out at the lake.

Thee are lots of ‘grillplats’ (firepits) and ‘vindskydd‘ (shelters) with benches and fireplaces, and on of all our visits regardless of weather we have seen families with thermoses and insulated seatpads grilling ‘korv’ (hot dogs). You are allowed to spend the night in the vindskydd, or you can fancy it up by renting out the hobbit-like wilderness house and furnishing it with your own camping mat and sleeping bag for about $60CDN/night, or the furnished cabins at $151/night, or make friends at the ‘hiker-home’ hostel for $48/night. All of thee options are BYOS or bring your own sheets. You can rent sheets of course, but it is common for travels to travel with their own travel sheets/sleeping bag liner set here, made out of silk or a lightweight synthetic. When you wake up you might like to go for a trip on the highly-involved zip line and ropes course (closed for the season, but I look forward to visiting it when it opens again!)