SaskaCat Hall of Fame

Snaggletooth at ‘cathouse’ which comes with it’s cat-shaped cat door, complete with whisker cut outs

Our neighborhood in Saskatoon was quite rich in free-ranging cats, enough that I never really felt like we needed our own cat to enjoy cat-petting benefits. It was a short walk down the block and we’d start seeing cats on porches, most of whom were happy to wander out to the sidewalk for a belly scratch. Graham and I took ‘kitty walks’ together, but also lots of separate walks, so I’d often take photos with my phone of the new kitties I found to send him: (corner of Princess and 7th, you are missing out!) Our new neighborhood is not nearly so cat-rich, which I realized scrolling through my phone photos. So, this post is a sort of ‘Saskatoon Cat Retrospective’.

I am unafraid of ‘middle-aged lady likes cats’ stereotypes, so I’m not being defensive when I say that I am not the only one who notes the location of cats in the neighourhood, attempts to pet them, and then sends a report with photo documentation. Most of my family does this, not only as a ‘kitty report’ but also for other animals/nature seen out on a walk… birds, plants that are flowering, and foxes/skunks/dogs etc.

Posted with hope that our new Tullinge neighbourhood has plenty of cats!

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  1. This is the cutest post on the interwebs. That was such a solid homage to the kitties of Saskatoon. I sense they are all walking a little more proud today, with that acknowledgement.
    I Love kitty/nature report, thank you so much for sharing this cuteness.
    I hope your new neighbourhood is many friendly kitties for you and Graham to pet.

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