How about that

Despite coming from what could understatedly be called a pro-coffee household, I never drank coffee before I came to Sweden the first time. The first years in Gävle, I would occasionally drink a latte, though only nominally participating in ‘fika’ as practiced in Sweden. Returning to Canada made me a little more coffee-curious. Having an occasional coffee with sweet treat delivered some Swedish nostalgia. Spending more time at Township Coffee gave me the chance to appreciate nice coffees and teas, and experience some of the best lattes ever from single origin beans. Just before my birthday I ordered some teas from Fancy Östermalm shop Sibyllans, and they also sell coffee, custom ground for your set up. I inherited a drip brew cone and coffee filters from a department colleague who moved back to Germany, and it turns out Sibyllans sells medium roasts and Central American shade coffees, which I like much better than the super dark Nordic roasts. The result is the scene pictured above – a Saturday morning fika (no milk, no sugar, but I did have some cinnamon crunch cookies along with it.)

Dad making a patented Dad-coffee

This week Google photos had a little reminder that this photo was taken ‘this day four years ago’, and I was struck by how similar the set up is. While I didn’t grind the beans myself, I did remember past instructions for the pour-over, and it was a pretty nice cup according to me. Will look forward to serving some to visitors when they come!