It’s always sunny in Tullinge

Graham relaxing n the outdoor sofa, which has turned out to be some of the favourite furniture in the furnished rental house

Actually, the Stockholm region has had epic downpours a few days in a row which led to massive flooding… like ducks paddling across the road in low areas flooding. But since midsommar (summer solstice celebration) is only a few weeks away, the sun is up almost all the time, and when it dips below the horizon it is still twilight. Everything in the garden had a bit of a late start with the cold spring, but now everything is catching up at an amazing pace.

Summer has also facilitated some outdoor visits, including a dinner at our place…

…and a picnic dinner at Lappis beach.

I also got my first vaccine dose (Pfizer, Graham the same) so we will be ready for visiting and groups and travel and maybe (finally!) visiting all the museums in Stockholm.