Spring Activities

We’ve had a nice spring, with days getting REALLLLLY long… sunrises now before 04:00! Weather is still really temperate, which means that all the flowers get to spend some time being flowers before they melt in the heat.

Seed crackers with ferment-brine

This recipe is based mostly on this recipe from ‘My New Roots’ and partly inspired by pickle flax crackers from this book by Kristin Shockey. Basically, replace the water in the cracker recipe with leftover fermentation brine from your pickled veggies. I include all the spices and seeds that are in the bottom of pickle jar, but remove any chilies or bay leaves (you knew that already). All veggie brine is good, but onions are THE BEST and extra points if you have some tiny onions bits to add to the crackers too. To consider: you might want to cut down the added salt since the brine will add lots of salt.