Naturkistoriska Riksmuset

We were invited to another outstanding chef-dinner chez friends Liyun and Lai. since dinner was in Stockholm, we thought we might go early and check out some city/sights. There were so many museums that we didn’t see pre-vaccine, so now that things are opening up again we thought we’d take the opportunity.

One of the big ones on our list was the Natural History Museum. If you can get over the fact that there are one million taxidermies, it is a really cool visit. The journey of hominins exhibit was really fun, and so was the great fossil collection and the exhibit of Ancient Scandinavian mega-fuana (sabre-tooth cats, mastadons, aurochs). Not only that… it was free! We unwisely went on the first Saturday of Autumn school break, which meant there were tons of small kids, toddlers, strollers, and various snot-noses broadcasting their daycare germs all over. Still, we miraculously did not get sick at all. Museum visit = success!