Semi-annual update

December view of the backyard at sunrise

Well, that was along pause. After we went to Naturhistoriskamuset we prepared for a Christmas trip to Canada: buying presents, booking our covid tests, packing our bags, emptying out the fridge, corresponding with our Canadian peeps about when we would visit them, etc.

Then Omicron and the updated travel restrictions… and we cancelled our trip on the 17th of December. We did a grocery order and booked a bunch of zoom meetings with everyone. Initially when accepting this job (in 2019) I figured we’d be back for Christmas 2020, and then I’d be in Vancouver for a conference in June 2021. Instead it will be about 2 years before getting back to Canada: much longer than originally anticipated.

We are now planning spring and summer trips, so I thought I’d do a few retrospective re-caps of the last…. almost half-year!?!? Some Christmas, some winter, and some spring, with plans to post more often when we make some fun local trips this Spring.