Charmingest Cycle Tour: Part 1 Taxinge

Taxinge slot (slot=castle) in Näsby is known as the ‘cake-castle’ because of its fancy café. The fancy atmosphere and food quality is like high tea at the empress, though it is a self-serve buffet rather than white-glove table service. This is an old fashioned example of the platonic ideal of fika: sju sorter kakor or ‘7 kinds of cakes’ to go with your afternoon coffee. To maximize customer experience, they do not allow phones in the dining room. This means we did not take any photos of the legendary cake buffet, but also that we didn’t have to navigate around a bunch of selfie-taking fools. You can check out their own gallery on the Taxinge cafe instagram. This visit was on the pricy side for lunch, but we also did eat 2 fancy desserts each. It was well worth the bill and the 50km it took to get there! Bad bike parking though, so only 2/5 stars. (Just kidding)