Tamale day

The second weekend in May we did some team-culinary activities: making tamales! Elizabeth sent me two big packs of the good corn husks in a Christmas care package, and we were really put them to good use. Linda is having a combined birthday/inauguration of her new summer house, but only gets the summer house a few days before the party. What to feed people? It should be something vegetarian, gluten-free, and ideally make-ahead so there is minimal stress and kitchen tools needed on the day. Enter Tamales! Linn and Lai and Linda came over for a chili lunch, and then we cleared away the dishes and got to work. I passed on what I know/have adapted about tamale making, and told some stories of Nana’s friend Auntie Vie bringing them to us. It was a very fun day, and looking forward to eating the tamales too!