Charmingest bike tour: Part 3 Lilla Vasskärr

The Timber house: Cute-ing it up since 1825.

Next stop on the May bike tour: Saturday night at a cute little B&B in the forest called Lilla Vasskärr. It is a bit rustic, with cute little cabins, an outhouse and an outdoor shower (with hot water!)  It also has a lovely perennial garden with a focus on herbs and flowers. The hosts Eddie and Per-Inge retired from professional gardening and landscaping some decades ago, and now they live full time at this former ‘summer house’. They showed us some photos of how the property used to be when they bought it in 1995, and the additions and renos and SUBSTANTIAL cultivation and soil augmentation in the decades since then.

All this and indoor bike parking! I would rate this place as 10 out of 5 stars. We left with a jar of blackcurrent jam and an intention to go back. We think almost everyone we know who would come from Canada would enjoy this – let us know when you are coming and we’ll book it. 🙂

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