Oh no you d’inte!

Swedish is proving a bit difficult to master. I am picking up vocabulary at work and get to listen, but my accent is atrocious. No one makes fun of me (in a mean way, anyway) when I speak, but I still find myself a bit shy to practice on my work mates. I have to remind myself that we have only had two lessons so far and lots of people take many weeks to learn a language. Our buddy Hasse says I need to vÃ¥ga (‘dare’) to speak Swedish more.  So I am resolved to practice more!

When I first got to Sweden, I met a fellow from Brasil who speaks 8 or so languages, has taught languages, and learned Swedish three months after coming to Sweden. Granted, he was taking the intensive every-day classes, but still, pretty amazing. Being a bit competitive and thinking I was pretty smart, I thought to myself: “I’ll have a handle on Swedish in three months too”. I am two months in but ready to concede that he is smarter than me. Felicidade, Guil!

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  1. I think you’re always going to think you’re worse than you are when learning anything. Language in particular is extremely challenging b/c it’s so essential to doing everyday tasks (including socializing). I have to agree with Hasse – forcing yourself to speak is key to significant improvement (and immersing yourself in the language as much as possible). It was only my roommates in Taiwan encouraged me to speak in Mandarin that I actually improved. If it’s possible to have someone you feel comfortable with correct you and answer any questions you may that will may help too!

    Keep up the good work! You’re doing awesome!!!

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