A Late Post

A bit late on this, but it’s worth it. I realized yesterday that I completely forgot my friend Erica’s birthday (Sorry!)  Usually I remember, so I can only think it is a result of not being in Canada and having the usual Fall reminders.  I also forgot Dec 6: the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.  This a Canadian event commemorating the Montreal Massacre at École Polytechnique.  Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of that horrible event. Fourteen women were killed and several more injured by a man who came in with a gun, asked the men to leave, said ‘I hate feminists’ and opened fire.

Sadly, this is not an isolated example of violence against women.  So, December 6 has become a day for awareness and action to make all women safe from violence.  If you would like to learn more, check out Women Against Violence Against Women.


  1. No amount of ‘Women in engineering scholarships’ makes up for getting shot at.

  2. No shit (your comment).

    I remember that day, and the horror and shock that went with it. There was a lot of focus on it at the time (inside all the bathroom doors at seated height were WAVAW posters – at least in the bathrooms at that hotbed of radicalism we attended) but that attention has dwindled.

    We do well to remember, and to change the circumstances, the context, that made such a thing possible. Thank you for your work in this area.

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