Long Weekend!

View of the Gavleån (our local river through town) at sunset - which happens at almost 10PM these days.

As if 4-6 weeks vacation wasn’t enough, the springtime brings a lot of ‘red days‘ (statutory holidays) to Sweden. For example,this week I had Thursday AND Friday off… funny since these are not holidays in Canada. Unlike Valborg and Midsummer, these are Christian holidays.  It is funny that they have stayed in the calendar for so long in one of the world’s most secular countries.  Thursday is Kristi himmelsfärds dag (ascension day, those who didn’t go to CCD can check that out here.)  I am actually still doing some work today (Friday), but from home and catching up on some reading that doesn’t seem to get done on other days.

We will be make some good use of the time off… a spontaneous trip to Finland (Graham will tell you more about that), visiting with some friends, helping Eva with her Garden, another (hopefully snake free) Sunday run and getting ready for Elizabeth’s visit on Tuesday.