It looks like May; students are studying like crazy and flowers are blooming.

Since January I have been taking once-weekly 3-hour Swedish classes. Almost every Tuesday evening for 5 months I spent at the Municipality’s Komvux, or adult school, to take SFI: “Svenska for Invandrare” (Swedish for Foreigners, the equivalent to ESL in Canada). It has been going pretty well. I have met some nice people, and my teacher’s insistence on proper pronunciation has helped a lot. I think I can even make that rolling musical sound of Swedish sometimes.

At this week’s class I found out that I have been nominated to take the C-level exams and move on to the D-level of Swedish next term. It is a long exam, with reading, listening comprehension, dialogue and written components. It is nice to think that I have improved enough to move to the next level. I think I have to thank my ‘arbetskompisar’ (work buddies) since they have all been unofficial tutors for me. I haven’t written an exam for quite a while… I wonder how that will go?