Birthday Dinner

Swedish-style midsommar birthday dinner

Graham’s birthday was on Thursday, and we had a traditional Swedish midsummer meal: crisp bread with sill (pickled herring), carrots and tiny new potatoes with dill, salad, and cheese pie.  It is still not very warm but there are LOTS of flowers around, so we always have some in the house which feels very summery.  Graham doesn’t typically like doing anything special on his birthday, but he did seem to like his dinner, and we will be sneaking in a triple-birthday party picnic for him, our friend Jennie, and Canada next Friday.


  1. I am surprised you guys eat the pickled fish stuff. Usually only people who grow up with this type of food really enjoy it. I, for example, like it!!

    By the way temperatures here are much too cool for early summer as well. Brrr – no real winter, no real summer. Weird year!!!

  2. I find that the pickled herring is pretty good, surprisingly. We haven’t worked up the courage to try the fermented herring though.

  3. That table looks so very Catherine, I got a little teary with missing you: the candles, the colourful candle-holders, the flowers, the wrapped up bit on the windowsill…

    I also like pickled herring – i have a basic kind in my fridge right now, but I also like the red wine kind, and especially the mustard kind. I developed a taste for it when dating a Dane.

    Is cheese pie kind of like quiche?

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