Highlights from the Louvre

The start of the long line to get into the Louvre

Quite a long time ago someone told me that the first Sunday of every month has free entry at the Louvre.  This information stayed filed away, and when we found we would be in France the first week of September, we had our first Sunday activity all taken care of.  When I told Swedish colleague Martin of our plan, he said that everyone in France would also be lined up to get in free.

Near the entrance

As it turns out, tourists go whether it is free or not, and the line ups aren’t really that different.  A lot of tourists don’t even know it is free until they get to the door.  The French don’t bother going to the Louvre until the first Sunday in November when all the snap-happy tourists are gone and they can tour the museum with appropriate cool and ennui.   I have to say, if I were to go back to Paris with the express purpose of touring museums, it would be in the off season when the lines are short and the museums not so busy.

 'Winged Victory' an excavated sculpture of the goddess Nike. Originally they think she had a war helmet and a trumpet, but I actually prefer her this way.
Joan of Arc listening to God
Commemorating the great pastime of deer wrestling
The oldest piece of art in the Louvre: 9000 year-old sculpture made of gypsum and bitumen
Michelangelo's Dying Slave. I find it a bit amusing that everyone assumed Big M liked the ladies, but such were the times I guess.
Mary Magdelene carved from wood. I think think this is one of the loveliest sculptures in the Louvre
THINK SAFETY! Someone please get this guys some safety goggles
There were slugs in Egypt? Wouldn't they get all dried up in the dry heat? Perhaps this is a slug deity, bringing thoughts of damper climes...
Venus de Milo. What do you think she held in her hands before they broke off?
Ancient Egyptian war canoe!


  1. That 9000-year-old sculpture is incredible. Seems very life-like.

    All the safety goggles in the modern world could not have helped Oedipus (that is Oedipus, right?) 😛

    I saw a show on ancient Egypt and climate shift – something about things being a bit different? Still, slugs seem out of place… I agree… Maybe it’s those oil-slick aliens from X-files…

    Christina and I just visited Petroglyphs Provincial Park in Ontario – carvings from about 1000 years ago, including some canoes. Tend to think of the canoe as a Canadian thing, but similar carvings in Sweden seem to suggest otherwise, and Egypt…

    Thanks for posting the amazing photos!

  2. i love the photo coments.
    mary madgelene is my fav too! she is gorgeous.
    also safety gogs for the worrier with the pointy behind the eye, headache.
    also i love the ancient slug comment. yes you pray to the slime god and your crops have a better likelyhood of getting the rain the require to flourish.
    yes diety sluggy.

    love you

  3. I love the egyptian war canoe!!! We’ll be racing in Ridge Oct 2/3 and if you guys are in town you are welcome to join us.

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