Korsnäs Project in the newspaper!

Mahmoud following a paper worker to see their tasks and postures

I have mentioned our research project at the Korsnäs project before.  Just like the flight loader project, we are investigating the working postures in some traditionally ‘heavy’ industries.  The Korsnäs project was recently in the local paper, outlining the risks and difficulties of paper work and how the project hopes to shed some light on that.  There are also some great pictures of CBF PhD student Mahmoud doing some filming.  Maybe one of these pictures can go on the inside cover of his thesis?

It is great to see the research get  profiled, but also great to see that these jobs also get some attention.  Lots of people can imagine what teachers and doctors do, but have no idea what happens inside the paper factory.   I like visiting factories and worksites; I always liked the part of Mr Rogers where they show a factory where something is made (all with a jazzy piano accompaniment).

I also really like the Discovery channel show ‘Dirty Jobs’ where they highlight and describe a new hard/messy/unusual job each week. This last week, the show’s host Mike Rowe testified at a US senate committee to ask for more funding to vocational and trades training and to promote awareness of all the ‘dirty jobs’ that make everything function.