Marathon paddling

One of the things I looked forward to doing in Saskatchewan is marathon canoeing – a part of my heritage!

The South Sakskatchewan River where we have been paddling.

Graham has already competed several times and has some plaques to show for it…  I on the other hand have only transferable paddling skills and good breeding.  Graham was patient enough to paddle with me a couple of times, and even let me steer.  I also got to paddle with one of the club’s veterans, Ann, who seemed happy enough to paddle with me up front while she steered us down the river in the light of the full moon – big and orange for October.  One day I will learn to find the fast water and washride like I did in kayak, but until then I will probably be paddling the front of any women’s crews.

Last Wednesday night Graham went in MC-1 for the first time, and still challenged for the front of the group against all the tandem crews. Not bad for the first time out! He may need a few tennis balls before the year is up. This past week I have sterned with two other fellows. Both tended to throw out some unrequested draw strokes, I guess they don’t like my line? Hopefully I will get better and inspire more trust in my paddling partners so they don’t try to steer from the front.

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  1. Beautiful images, in your photo, and in your words. I especially like picturing you paddling under that orange October moon! Congrats, Graham, on showing the Saskies how it’s done.

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