Daylight savings time is for wimps!

Fall back...

Saskatchewan doesn’t do daylight savings time.  Changing the clocks is good for lots of things, just not agriculture. Farmers are tough, and they get up when the sun does no matter what the clock says! …and since they have historically run the province, no DST for us. So this weekend we go from being 1 hour behind BC to 2 hours.

Although it is a bit of a pain to have to do the math again when calling other timezones, think of the benefits:

  • No worrying about missing Sunday morning practice
  • No suffering from the small but consistent increase in traffic accidents after a time change
  • No forgetting to reset your car’s clock and being shocked by it
  • Absolutely no need to remember ‘Spring Forward, Fall back’
  • Gradual loss of evening light, rather than a single day where you stumble home from work


  1. Unfortunately, Canada’s Rectangle is not a beautiful island somewhere off in the Pacific, so we’ll actually be 2 hours ahead of BC not 2 hours behind.

  2. Okay, the post was great on its own. I think you make an awesome case for skipping daylight savings.

    Then I saw the video. What a crack up! Maybe Catherine’s work photo can be a candid shot with Pinko Farmer. Awesome add, Graham.

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