Grated up carrots (morroter)

It has been a while since I did some serious baking.  Today I took out the awesome Swedish cookbook from Camilla and made some bread to avoid the snow storm.  It is pretty cozy to be inside kneading bread when it is snowing outside, but kind of a bummer to have a snowstorm on April 15.

Completed carrot bread. Yummy!

I made two kinds: carrot bread with carmelized onions and pecans (modification of p631, and grova frukostbullar (rustic breakfast buns, p638). Both were pretty tasty, and healthy. I don’t usually use butter on bread, but when the bread was warm I totally wanted some Arla havsalt butter.

Frukostbullar: not just for breakfast anymore!

This might be more than we can eat while it is fresh, but we have some space in the freezer and neither of us are into carb restriction.

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  1. yum yum yum!
    those tasty bread treats are so yummy looking!
    I find kneading bread feels like it brings me a little closer to nanna and our pioneer roots. I like how the smells that ensue are not only mouth-wattering but also nostalgic and conforting feeling.
    What a good way to cope with an effing snow storm in April. You are so awesome, so clever, and so strong, sister.

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