Gasoline Alley

Ceramic engine block complete with climbing floral vines

This week I got to the Mendel Art Gallery to see their new exhibition.  The big draw was an exhibit of Sylvia Plath’s paper hand-made doll collection (no photos allowed).  However, I really liked the exhibit by Clint Neufeld, a local artist who recreates engine components out of ceramic, glazes them, and displays them on fancy furniture.  I really liked the contrast between dirty ‘masculine’ equipment being prettied up, painted with flowers, and displayed with pride in a domestic setting.  The curator statement said the contrast demonstrates an affection and tenderness for vehicles and car tinkering that is not always visible in the greasy garage setting, but clear on the walnut table.  I wondered what the Dads would think about an exhibit like this?

An array of transmissions on a nice walnut sofa table