Professional photo shoot!

I think this one is my favourite. There is still schmutz on my jacket though.

So as part of the grant I was awarded earlier in the summer, the funding agency wanted some professional photos of recipients for their website. Monday I got an email form the photography, and Wednesday we did the shoot.

The famous stone barn

The request was to take some ‘in my lab’ and some casual shots outdoors. Since I do mostly field work and my funded project is in agriculture, I suggested the stone barn since it is one of my favourties. In that neighbourhood there are also lots of animals, other farm buildings, machinery, and generally pastoral scenes.

This is photographer Debra’s favourite; she may put it on her website. 🙂

The weather was perfect (if a bit windy) and it was a fun break in my day. I left feeling pretty good since photographer Debra Marshall said I was pretty easy to direct and asked if I had done any modelling before… I could laugh nostalgically and say it was a long time ago (it was!) I am delighted with the results and happy to forward the pictures onto local webmasters.  The vizi-vest pics were getting a bit old!

Was that thresher locked out?!?

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