Lussekatt 2012

Ida looking fluffy out in the snow.

This year’s finalists are available online now! You can see the pictures and vote for the cutest kitty here.  My favourites are Stöddiga Sumpen, Herr Nilton, and Ida… which Graham points out are all skogkattar.  (Especially Stöddiga Sumpen, who is clearly hunting owls in the forest).

If you are a new reader, you can read more about lussekattar here,  here, and here, and  check out last year’s winner.


  1. Awesome. I share your preferences, and will add Sixten, because Ginger Cats. Google automatically translated the page, which made it harder to find Stoddiga Sumpen. Cocky Sump is – apparently – the same thing.

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