That escalated quickly

Snowy selfie on the walk into work
Snowy selfie on the walk into work

Saturday was pleasant paddling, Sunday was freezing rain and windy, and this week had enough snow that some of my buddies went out skiing. I suspected last weekend might be the last Sask-paddling in 2013 (I’m sure I can paddle X-mas eve in Vancouver), but now I know Winter is really here. However, the Fall was extended (for Sask) and dry, and having a short transition between paddling and skiing is the best scenario. Weeks of dry freezing cold with no snow is a mega-bummer. I’m glad to have brought some of Jennie’s snow-thusiasm back with me from Sweden. 🙂

I have signed up for an XC Skiing group and will bring my paddle home from the boathouse to hibernate for the winter. My bike is also ready to head down to storage – see you in 2014, buddy!

Snow in the park
Snow in the park


  1. For some reason the photo of snow in the park shows up twice. Once on top of the written portion of the Blog.

  2. Lovely Photos!

    I especially Love the one of you, snowy selfington. 🙂

    Way to embrace the turning seasons and engage in some awesome winterizing!

    You are so brave and strong!


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