Best March Madness Ever


Title IX has done lots of great things, but still hasn’t increased the profile of collegiate women’s sports to the level of men’s. That, combined with not giving 1/10 of a sh!t about watching sports, means I never really got into March Madness.

BUT!! There is now a New York based March Madness bracket for bodega cats. In the spirit of Lussekattar, I present the contest for bodega cats.  Now you can submit all your cute photos of the hardworking cats that patrol the small, independent shops and keep them free of rodents
(without the use of pesticides). I wish I had a photo of the tough tabby that patrolled Golden Valley on Broadway, and still tolerated regular maulings from  the owner’s daughter.

I think this pina gato is the cutest, but you can vote your your favourites and help the top kitties get to the final four!

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  1. Awwwwww! What an awesome post Catherine!
    Thank you for sharing, and for acknowledging those hard working-kitties out there! Way to go bodega protecting kitties!

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