The end of ski sesason

Last weekend I had two great, long skis at temperatures around zero. It was so perfect, and so welcome after the weekend before that, which was record low of -55. This week had a lot of positive temperatures, melting, and even some green grass poking through. I had my last ski coaching session, and even with big fat fibre crowns I fell through the rotten snow crust a few times and bailed once on a flat section that wasn’t track set. I guess they timed it about right; if the weather stays like this there won’t be any snow next week.

The good news is we did some video review. My turnover is a lot higher now and it feels more bouncy than glide-y, but apparently the glide will come later and proper weight transfer is the ticket right now. I am definitely faster than at the start of this season and have better skills for turning and double-pole-kick. I’m looking forward to doing the Birkie next year and some other long races too, although I’m really glad spring is coming and we’ll get to paddle for a while.

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  1. Technique looks good – maybe I need to take lessons too. For now though I am ready for spring!

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