Sister visits

Elizabeth came to visit last weekend! We planned her visit to coincide with Saskatoon Pride, especially since Allison noticed photos of her 2012 Pride-parade visit are on the first page of Google Image results for ‘Saskatoon Pride’.  Unfortunately, this year was a lot more wet and rainy, so our cameras did not come out as often and I haven’t seen us in any media photos.

It was a great visit nonetheless, complete with outstanding fika and kitchen tour at Saskatoon’s coolest bakery, some entertaining at the apartment, pride beer garden and dinner with buddies,a trip to the Farmers Market and Saskatoon’s favourite seasonal ice cream spot.  Good times! The water was too high to paddle out to a sand bar for beach time, but we got to tour around Saskatoon had lots of fun nonetheless. My friends were excited to have Elizabeth come back, and look forward to her next visit – and maybe are considering a Vancouver visit in the future.  🙂

photos to follow once I track some down


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  1. I Love sister visits!

    Thank you so much for having me, and hosty-ing with the mosty-ing!

    It was super fun to hang out with your Saskatoon buddies too! What an awesome group of people. I had such a fun time.

    Love & Gratitude. <3

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