Happy Birthday Graham!

Like the sign says
Like the sign says

We all know graham is reliable and committed (20 years FTW), but he also has a lot of integrity. This includes always recycling everything, including the aluminum seal tops on food containers and peeling off he labels and crushing cans (something I suspect he rather enjoys). Graham also has a strong sense of justice, which I appreciate even when he is keeping me in check. My favourite Graham Highlights from the last year:

I think you are othering right now.

…said when I was making distinctions that probably weren’t fair

That’s kind of sexist

…I think this was for some bullshit social policy announcement


… in response to statistics on police action

Unfortunately, www.graham.ca is not a good resource unless you want to renovate the Burrard St bridge.

Happy birthday, keep up the good work Graham!


  1. Happy Birthday Graham! You are so awesome!

    I Love this awesome Graham list of cutes. I especially like, “I think you are othering right now.”

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