More about winter biking

A view of my winter biking gear

Winter biking takes a bit more gear than at other times. In addition to the studded tires and lots of lights/reflectors, it takes a different way to stay warm. Even little bit of wind can make ‘pretty cold’ feel ‘too effing cold’, so covering all skin is important. However, it is hard to have good visibility and make shoulder checks in a full parka with face snorkel. Some Saskatooners wear motorcycle helmets with face shields when it is really cold.

My solution has been a wool balaklava under my regular helmet. When it is really cold I have soft shell balaklava I stole from Graham. I also recently got some clear ski googles so my eyes don’t tear up and freeze when it is super cold. I wear my warmest ski gloves, my MEC down micro-puff, and my regular raintrench overtop. I wear my regular work clothes and shoes under that, although I often wear leg warmers while riding.

It has been really great to be able to ride in the snow, I feel a lot less house-bound. It is faster to ride to work, but I’ve also bee riding to the boathouse 3 times per week for rowing erg practices, riding to acroyoga, and soon starting a powerlifting course. Groceries still happen by bus or when we rent a car, since hauling a fully loaded bike over the never-cleared residential streets on the East side would be pretty yucky.

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  1. Wow! I don’t think I could bike if it’s that cold. Give me all the rain in the world – no problem. But not below -10

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