Portrait of the artist…

Watercolour pencils
Watercolour pencils

… as a dickhead, ball-dropper, and be-shitter. This is a homemade apology card created on January 11, but had it’s origins 1 month before that.

When I was in BC in December, my buddy Edith asked me if I wanted to go to the Banff Mountain Film Festival with her and her husband. We went last year, and it was really fun! She told me the dates and offered to get tickets; of course I said yes.

Fast forward to the day of the event… and I went to rowing practice after work which would be a typical night for me. I checked my phone for messages when I finished and ….FAAAWK!! …realized I forgot.
How flakey! Just UGH. Contrite does not begin to cover it.

So, I made the card and gave it to her with a freezer bag of homemade vegan tamales. The card seemed too silly not to share, so I snapped a photo before dropping it off.

More than I deserved, Edith was awesome as usual and forgave me immediately without being grumpy. Hopefully I can be as cool as that if/when someone stands me up.