Prairie Indoor Championships

The set up of networked ergs. You can see the screen looks a bit like a video game.

It was a good day! I met my 2000m goal of sub 7:40, with a reasonable start, conservative middle, and furious finish.  This was enough to win the Masters category, and I saw a girl I beat was standing on the third place spot of the open category, so I guess it would have earned a medal with the young’uns as well.  My 500m was not so great, I rated to high (over 40 strokes per minute!) and couldn’t generate enough power without the length. Next time I’ll aim for 30-35spm, apparently we’ll be doing max 500s on Mondays through the spring.

There are a few more Saturday erg series events to do before we get on the water, mostly longer workouts like 6000m and 20min max meters. This last week in the middle of the week I beat my autumn 6000m time by >20 seconds, so things have definitely improved this winter.

I have been trying to get some other photos from folks who were in Regina too, but will just post them later if they come up.