One more trip to Florida

Paddling with the group on some swampy alligator-infested rivulet
Paddling with the group on some swampy alligator-infested rivulet

As in the previous two years, I went to Florida for a paddling camp this spring. Unlike the past few years, I took hardly any photos. This year felt a lot more busy leading up to it (and since I’ve been back). Because I’ve been all these places a few times I felt like less of a tourist. I may also have been a bit burned out on writing and communicating and generally using my computer, so I didn’t spend much time taking photos or writing about the days.  Sorry to those of you who like that kind of thing!  Thanks to paddling buddy Chris for taking this photo, perhaps the only one proving I was there.

In retrospect though, it was a great 2(!!) weeks with many highlights:

  • Paddling by dolphins in the bay
  • Frolicking river otters
  • Monkeys and alligators, as per usual
  • No manatees since it was too warm for them in the fresh water 🙁
  • More than 60 hours of water time over 13 straight days of paddling
  • NO BLISTERS!! (thanks erging!)
  • Overall higher level of performance and new skills learned
  • Led yoga sessions with some acro-inspired buddy massage
  • Enjoyed some great dinners made by cabin-mates (thanks Edith!)
  • Had my 37th birthday with a coconut cream pie (thanks guys!)
  • Bought a Mike’s hard lemonade at a gas station (so American) and got CARDED!!!!!!