Grocery Deliveries

What bounty!

It seems 2020 is really the year for grocery delivery. Stong’s market on Dunbar had home delivery for decades, appealing to older folks and wealthy west-side residents…. never being in those categories, I never thought it was for me. However, as a cycle commuter without a car and a consumer of heavy things, I can say that grocery delivery is awesome, and I wish it had been available all those years in Saskatoon when I was schlepping groceries on the bus. In Tullinge we have lots of fridge and cupboard space, so it is reasonable to do some ‘stock up shops’ and make the most of delivery fees. We are also able to order online from the warehouse somethings that don’t come to our local store: falafel-flavoured chickpea cakes (like a rice cake but good), frozen pomegranate seeds and blackberries. It is also great forheavy things like oat milk, canned jackfruit, chickpea flour, whole wheat flour. We can get these pantry items once a month and then get yogurt and veggies on the other weeks. Nothing says comfort and homey-ness like cooking from a well-stocked pantry.