Mysiga våren

Welcome to Springtime!

The days are quite long now with extended dawn and dusk. The mornings can still be frosty, but I got a sunburn sitting out in a T-shirt yesterday. It is spring, and the unpredictable mix of weather has its own one-word expression: ‘April-weather’ (aprilvädret). We’ve been eating our lunch outside on dry days, first with hoodies and toques but increasingly with indoor clothes. This has meant a welcome increase in interaction with neighbours, talking about gardening and summer activities etc. One of our neighbours returned the favour of hot cross buns with some dried ramlöksalt, seasalt combined with dried ramps/wild onions. I’ve seen some wild onions before that were a bit like spring onions, but these are a different thing altogether. Like the North American version of ramps, the European version (‘bear onion’) has broad leaves instead of ‘onion tubes’. The leaves are pretty similar to lily of the valley… they are easily distinguished by the flowers, but since one only wants to eat the young leaves that doesn’t help. Lily of the valley tend to come up a few weeks later, but there is overlap in when and where they grow, so it is important to be sure by looking carefully at the leaves and smelling them. I found a cool wildcrafting website and signed up for the newsletter so I can learn about what to harvest and when.