Waterfront Yoga

Our local canoe club is a bustling community centre on summer days. More than just racing kayaks or training for paddling, there are stand up paddle boards, tones of recreational boats, and LOTS of people (maybe the majority of club members) come to sun themselves on the grass by the water, grill something for a picnic, go for a swim, and visit with friends outside. There is a little open air cafe built into a shipping container, with ice cream and coffee and sandwiches. There is one well-cared-for porta-potty and not really any indoor areas, but that is no barrier for nature-loving swedes.

When I heard there *used to be* yoga classes in the summer, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to do some in-person teaching and meet some new people …and probably folks that occupy the same part of the paddling-yoga venn diagram as me! So I posted dates and times on the club facebook page. The first weekend, 2 people came, but they were keen and seemed really with the practice. One was new fried Ulrika, who took some photos of me after class and posted them on the club website. The second weekend, 20 people came, and they overflowed off the deck and onto the grass. (Sensing exponential growth…. next time 200?)

So, it looks like there is interest in Sunday morning outdoor canoe/club yoga, and so I think I will continue teaching through July, when Swedes are taking their annual month long summer vacation.