Happy Birthday Graham, from all of Tullinge’s Cats

Graham coaxing his new Ginger buddy (who did eventually come for pets)

Graham’s last birthday was spent in Saskatoon, where we took a break from packing and cleaning to get some excellent handmade treats delivered by Délice baked goods (creative french style pastry with philipino flavours like ube and mango – worth checking out if you are in the nieghbourhood!) This time around we are in Tullinge… so much has happened in the last year, and also last June somehow still seems close enough to touch….

Luckily, one consistent thread through all the places we have been is the ability to take a walk and visit some neighborhood cats. It took a long time to see Scrappy again after our first visit to Tullinge, but Graham finally did pet him again late this Spring. Happily, our new neighbourhood has provided lots of other new kitties to visit. I like to think of myself as the cat whisperer, but Graham has taken a lot of walks and pet a lot of new cats, *maybe* even more than me. Happy birthday to Graham from all of us!

Kitties were fewer in the winter, but came out more for visits once things warmed up, and we met lots of new ones.

Our local neighbourhood has proven to be an especially kitty-rich environment