Online Yoga

At the start of the pandemic I was living in Saskatoon and thinking that thins would go back to normal pretty quick. I had been leading yoga in person in the activity room, but in-person gatherings were now on hold. However, Elizabeth had been joining Saskatoon yoga class via zoom or Skype for most of a year, so we knew that could work pretty well as long as the camera was set up sensibly. Thus, the online yoga class grew and continued until we left Saskatoon… then got picked up again after we settled into Sweden. It was nice to have some in-person yoga while living in Victoria.

Time zones and bandwidth issues notwithstanding, online yoga has been a regular Sunday occurrence for over a year now. We’ve had Saskachewaners and Victoria folk and Mainland participants too. So far no Euro-participants, although I have some Swedish yoga buddies now after teaching on the dock at the canoe club in the summer.

Since it is mostly family attending, it has turned into a Sunday night yoga (brunch time for the Canadians) followed by family dinner-and-chat. Today is Thanksgiving Sunday, and I am pretty grateful to get to have some family connection during the holiday!