Flyttdags på Gripens väg

It has been more than a month since we moved, and high time for an update! We did 75% of the moving work on a Friday night after getting the keys to the new place. We were just moving down the street – so we are in the same neighborhood, just a different house number. We were lucky to have the loan of our buddy Linda’s car, which made even such a short move much easier and faster. A move is also easier when you don’t have much furniture – but we certainly have more now than the last few moves!

After moving in, we needed some furniture.  We got some things form Ikea, but we are trying get as much secondhand as we can… and that is a bit of a fun but slow process.  We have found a few treasures at auction houses.  There is a lot of mid-century modern around, but it is still popular and gets snapped up quick! Right now for sleeping capacity we have 4 double beds (of some kind) plus 2 tents for outdoor lovers, so lots of space to welcome guests.

Graham also bought a cordless drill, so some of our setting up has been handy-tasks: installing shelving with lighting in the kitchen, hanging up hooks and art, and fixing a few small things.

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  1. In all the photos my favourite part is the tea cozy! Congratulations on the new house and I hope it already feels like home.

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